WJS Typing Services offers transcription of interviews. The following list is just a sample of the types of transcription we undertake on a regular basis:

  • One-to-one interview transcription

  • Annual general meeting transcription

  • Conference transcription

  • Disciplinary hearing transcription

  • Focus Group transcription

  • PACE interview transcription

  • Teleconferences transcription

Turnaround times vary depending on the amount of audio you have to be transcribed, but we will work with you on the best time frame so as to allow the time needed to not only type the interview, but also proofread so that an accurate transcript is produced. 

When you contact us, we will ask about the topic of your interview(s) and what type of transcript you require. This could be intelligent verbatim or verbatim

We will also ask if you have any documentation (sometimes a set of questions for the respondent) pertaining to your interview.  This could contain things like names and addresses or places, brand names, company names, etc. 


However, we will research brand names and company names if they have not been provided to us but if back-up documentation is provided, it gives us a little more guidance. ​

You can transmit your audio files to us by going to this page.


Don't forget to call us on 01225 760039 or fill in the contact us page with your requirements before sending any files to us!