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  • LCD display/counter base. Easy restart after interruption. Kit comprises: LFH720 transcription machine, 155 power supply, 210 foot control, 234 headset. Base WxDxH: 135x232x50mm.

  • OND467072

The Infinity USB foot control is a robust 3 pedal foot control designed to be used with many 3rd party transcription packages including Express Scribe Pro, Winscribe, Bighand and the FREE OF CHARGE FTW transcriber and many more

  • Individual sorting / organisation of dictations and documents

  • DSS file management using separate folders

  • Job status info (e.g. finished, pending, cancel job)

  • Author ID setting by software

  • Playback speed control and automatic startup when recorder is connected

  • The exceptional direct drive solution guarantees an ideal friction specification of the tape thus avoiding tape tangle, or tape breakage

  • For superior safe tape handling the protective clip has dual functionality. It both protects the sensitive magnetic tape and makes sorting easy

  • Take comfort in the transparent window of the cassette housing which gives you a quick indication of the remaining recording time

  • With the exceptional Philips mini cassette you can record longer - it allows you to record for 30 minute

  • Experience excellent sound quality with Philips headsets for transcription

  • eodymium magnet: Neodymium is the best quality material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity and higher overall sound quality

  • The lightweight, durable design allows for enhanced comfort for extended wearing

  • The under chin style has been designed for better comfort

  • The 1.5 metre cable gives you freedom to move around your desk area without having to remove your headset

Philips Desktop 720 Analog Mini Cassette Transcription System with Earphones, Foot Control and Power Supply​​