Welcome to WJS Typing Services.


Our services comprise of digital dictation (or audio typing), transcription and secretarial services.  


We are a small business offering a personal touch to our clients.  

The advantages of using our service is that you can increase your workload without the need to increase administration support in the office.  Sending your work to WJS Typing Services can decrease your costs substantially as taking on temporary staff to cover high workloads can be expensive and training can be time consuming. 

In contrast, you only pay for the work we do for you so you are not employing us to sit fiddling our thumbs!  Simply send your work via email, scan, email, or fax, or call to give instructions,  and your work will be handled.

We are flexible, approachable and friendly with many years of experiencing in providing services to small, medium and large sized business across the UK. 

If you have a small, one-off requirement, or you need continuing support, be assured that we have the knowledge and experience to be able to help you and your business.

Our services are ideal for the self-employed who need administration back-up but do not have the office space or income to accommodate an extra pair of hands full-time.  

So, give us a call or send an email and see how we can help you.