Work for us

We occasionally require an extra pair of hands with transcription of interviews.

If you would like to be considered for this position, you will need a footpedal and digital dictation software package. We recommend The FTW Transcriber (see below) as this plays most, if not all, files received from clients.

Please send your CV to with a brief description of your experienced in transcribing one to one interviews and group interviews.

You will require a good command of the English language and grammar and good attention to detail.

Turnaround times will be tight and we require work to be returned within the timeframe stated on allocation of work.

Please do not call the office about transcription work as we get a huge amount of applications, but we will contact you as soon as is possible if you are successful.

You will be required to undertake a short test of around 15 minutes and your work will be monitored for the first few weeks to ensure the quality of your work continues, with spot checks every now and then.

Wendy, the owner of WJS Typing Services, is friendly and approachable if you have any problems or require assistance. Further details of how we work will be provided up your successful application.